In House

Meat Cutters

Get What You Want, Cut to Order

Open Sight Meat Cutting


Fresh Cuts of Beef

Whatever cut of beef you are looking for can be found at Bennett's Creek Farm Market. We pride ourselves on custom cut meat cut to order. Our butchers cut in full sight allowing you to see exactly what you're getting and to ensure your satisfaction each and every time.


Fresh, Never Frozen Poultry

Always fresh never frozen and antibiotic free. Half chickens, whole chickens, wings drums, breast, thighs. We encourage special requests!  As Mr. Shirley always says, "What do you want...yes, we can do that!" Guaranteeing your satisfaction is our number one priority.


House Made Country Sausage

We offer house made country sausage in bulk and links. We also carry baby back ribs and pork chops for your big bbq or quiet meal for your family.

We also carry a wide variety of old fashioned smoked meats and seasoning meat (bacon end, jowl, and hock) to compliment all of your recipes.