Image by Michael Oeser
Image by Michael Oeser

Bennett's Creek  Seasonal

Whatever the Season, We Have What's Fresh

#1 Jimmys

First Come, First Serve when available

Local watermen provide the market with #1 Jimmys from late April through October. Mother nature decides when and how many we have available.  Crabbers arrive between 1:30 and 3:00 p.m.

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In Shell Oysters

Type of Oysters Here

Available April through late fall. Reach out for variety available

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Middle Necks

Middle neck clams from the eastern shore arrive every Thursday from Gorman Seafood

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Crab Meat

Locally Purchased from Captain Harrell's of Poquoson, VA

Fresh hand-picked local crab meat. Available late April through October

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Shucked Oysters

Freshly Shucked and available by the pint

Shooting point oysters from the eastern shore arrive every Thursday from Gorman Seafood.  These are shucked in pint jars. 

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Fresh Produce

We Buy from Local Farms....

providing an array of fresh vegetables throughout the spring, summer and fall